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SCSS Forecast

Should You Buy, Sell, or Hold SCSS?
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You will get a comprehensive report on how the stock SCSS will perform in the near future. The stock will be analyzed using a combination of technical analysis, fundamental analysis and the current market condition. You will be given a score of -100 (Very Bearish) to +100 (Very Bullish) on the stock SCSS.
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NASDAQ:SCSS Technical Analysis
NASDAQ:SCSS - Select Comfort Corp.
SCSS - Sector: Consumer Cyclical, Industry: Furniture and Fixtures.
SCSS gained 2.36% on 07/22/16.
SCSS is trading in the range of $19.95 - $23.70 in the past 30 days.
Relative Strength Index (RSI) is bullish and moving up for SCSS.
SCSS established a bearish 5-day simple moving average and 10-day simple moving average crossdown.
Average Trading Volume: Down Over 5%.
Stock Performance on Mondays in the past 90 days: -2.97%
Stock Performance on Tuesdays in the past 90 days: 1.24%
Stock Performance on Wednesdays in the past 90 days: 3.87%
Stock Performance on Thursdays in the past 90 days: -12.89%
Stock Performance on Fridays in the past 90 days: 23.52%
Next Earnings Release Date: 11/02/16.
Stock Rating: Hold with a score of 3/5.

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