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Intraday Stock Screener

Bull Stocks 2/8/2016

Analysis Symbol Exchange Company Sector Industry Current Price % Change
SPI Stock Forecast SPI NYSE Capped Leveraged Index Return Notes 7.86 7.97%
CVOL Stock Forecast CVOL 0.70 7.69%
LSG Stock Forecast LSG 1.12 4.67%
SQQQ Stock Forecast SQQQ NASDAQ ProShares Trust UltraPro Short QQQ ETF Financial Misc. Financial Services 27.58 4.63%
LBIX Stock Forecast LBIX NASDAQ Leading Brands, Inc Basic Materials Containers and Packaging 1.98 4.21%
SPXU Stock Forecast SPXU NYSE ProShares UltraPro Short S&P 500 (ETF) Financial Misc. Financial Services 40.91 4.18%
SAIA Stock Forecast SAIA NASDAQ Saia Inc Transportation Trucking 26.41 3.73%
SSRI Stock Forecast SSRI NASDAQ Silver Standard Resources Inc Basic Materials Gold and Silver 5.60 3.51%
SDS Stock Forecast SDS NYSE ProShares UltraShort S&P500 (ETF) Financial Misc. Financial Services 23.76 2.63%
SH Stock Forecast SH NYSE ProShares Short S&P500 (ETF) Financial Misc. Financial Services 22.87 1.46%
PZA Stock Forecast PZA NYSE PowerShares Insured Nati Muni Bond (ETF) Financial Misc. Financial Services 25.78 0.23%

Bear Stocks 2/8/2016

Analysis Symbol Exchange Company Sector Industry Current Price % Change
DWRE Stock Forecast DWRE 31.89 -13.93%
SUM Stock Forecast SUM 13.82 -11.47%
GLOB Stock Forecast GLOB 23.50 -10.44%
FEYE Stock Forecast FEYE 11.96 -9.46%
CSTE Stock Forecast CSTE 32.08 -9.22%
CSOD Stock Forecast CSOD 25.01 -8.92%
AXTA Stock Forecast AXTA 21.05 -8.24%
HDP Stock Forecast HDP 7.80 -8.02%
CBK Stock Forecast CBK NYSE Christopher & Banks Corporation Services Retail (Apparel) 1.54 -7.78%
INFN Stock Forecast INFN NASDAQ Infinera Corp Services Communications Services 13.28 -7.78%
RPD Stock Forecast RPD 10.15 -7.64%
IRWD Stock Forecast IRWD NASDAQ Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Healthcare Biotechnology and Drugs 7.80 -7.47%
TNGO Stock Forecast TNGO 7.29 -7.37%
QLIK Stock Forecast QLIK NASDAQ Qlik Technologies Inc Technology Software and Programming 19.65 -7.36%
CSRA Stock Forecast CSRA 22.89 -7.10%
KN Stock Forecast KN 11.97 -7.07%
GNCA Stock Forecast GNCA 2.64 -7.04%
WWAV Stock Forecast WWAV 33.59 -6.69%
CFMS Stock Forecast CFMS 9.01 -6.54%
BCOR Stock Forecast BCOR 7.58 -6.19%
ZG Stock Forecast ZG 17.06 -6.01%
VOYA Stock Forecast VOYA 27.25 -5.81%
CG Stock Forecast CG 12.05 -5.64%
LC Stock Forecast LC 6.61 -5.57%
FMC Stock Forecast FMC NYSE FMC Corporation Basic Materials Chemical Manufacturing 34.95 -5.41%
INT Stock Forecast INT NYSE World Fuel Services Corporation Energy Oil and Gas Operations 36.52 -5.36%
STI Stock Forecast STI NYSE SunTrust Banks, Inc Financial Regional Banks 32.60 -5.01%
GPRE Stock Forecast GPRE NASDAQ Green Plains Renewable Energy Inc Basic Materials Chemical Manufacturing 16.57 -4.99%
ARMK Stock Forecast ARMK 29.82 -4.91%
SNV Stock Forecast SNV NYSE Synovus Financial Corp Financial Regional Banks 27.24 -4.52%
GUID Stock Forecast GUID NASDAQ Guidance Software, Inc Technology Software and Programming 3.49 -4.38%
NNA Stock Forecast NNA NYSE NAVIOS MARITIME ACQ 2.00 -4.31%
NXTM Stock Forecast NXTM NASDAQ NxStage Medical, Inc Healthcare Medical Equipment and Supplies 17.29 -3.94%
BERY Stock Forecast BERY 28.49 -3.88%
DEI Stock Forecast DEI NYSE Douglas Emmett, Inc Services Real Estate Operations 27.19 -3.72%
AMAT Stock Forecast AMAT NASDAQ Applied Materials, Inc Technology Semiconductors 16.19 -3.69%
DDR Stock Forecast DDR NYSE Developers Diversified Realty Corp Services Real Estate Operations 16.21 -3.68%
GHDX Stock Forecast GHDX NASDAQ Genomic Health, Inc Healthcare Biotechnology and Drugs 26.79 -3.60%
WTI Stock Forecast WTI NYSE W&T Offshore, Inc Energy Oil and Gas Operations 1.65 -3.51%
BTN Stock Forecast BTN AMEX Ballantyne Strong, Inc Consumer Cyclical Photography 4.12 -3.51%
PTEN Stock Forecast PTEN NASDAQ Patterson-UTI Energy, Inc Energy Oil Well Services and Equipment 13.27 -3.42%
CXP Stock Forecast CXP 20.93 -3.41%
MPW Stock Forecast MPW NYSE Medical Properties Trust, Inc Services Real Estate Operations 10.60 -3.37%
DBD Stock Forecast DBD NYSE Diebold Incorporated Services Security Systems and Services 26.07 -3.34%
UDR Stock Forecast UDR NYSE UDR, Inc Services Real Estate Operations 33.90 -3.20%
LIOX Stock Forecast LIOX NASDAQ Lionbridge Technologies, Inc Services Business Services 4.24 -3.20%
LPX Stock Forecast LPX NYSE Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Capital Goods Constr. - Supplies and Fixtures 14.35 -3.17%
MWW Stock Forecast MWW NYSE Monster Worldwide, Inc Services Business Services 4.31 -3.15%
PAG Stock Forecast PAG NYSE Penske Automotive Group, Inc Services Retail (Specialty) 30.09 -3.12%
TEN Stock Forecast TEN NYSE Tenneco Inc Consumer Cyclical Auto and Truck Parts 35.59 -3.02%
WEB Stock Forecast WEB 16.41 -3.01%
VSH Stock Forecast VSH NYSE Vishay Intertechnology Technology Semiconductors 10.62 -3.01%
ACOR Stock Forecast ACOR NASDAQ Acorda Therapeutics Inc Healthcare Biotechnology and Drugs 35.58 -2.97%
SKX Stock Forecast SKX NYSE Skechers USA, Inc Consumer Cyclical Footwear 26.85 -2.93%
CUZ Stock Forecast CUZ NYSE Cousins Properties Inc Services Real Estate Operations 8.08 -2.88%
GNC Stock Forecast GNC 26.11 -2.83%
AYR Stock Forecast AYR NYSE Aircastle Limited Services Rental and Leasing 15.41 -2.71%
CSC Stock Forecast CSC NYSE Computer Sciences Corporation Technology Computer Services 30.70 -2.51%
JASO Stock Forecast JASO NASDAQ JA Solar Holdings Co Technology Semiconductors 8.39 -2.44%
AMRI Stock Forecast AMRI NASDAQ Albany Molecular Research, Inc Healthcare Biotechnology and Drugs 15.08 -2.39%
CTLT Stock Forecast CTLT 21.20 -2.21%
RYN Stock Forecast RYN NYSE Rayonier Inc Services Real Estate Operations 19.77 -2.18%
SKT Stock Forecast SKT NYSE Tanger Factory Outlet Centers Inc Services Real Estate Operations 31.15 -2.11%
FAF Stock Forecast FAF NYSE First American Corporation Financial Insurance (Prop. and Casualty) 32.75 -2.03%
ITT Stock Forecast ITT NYSE ITT Corporation Capital Goods Aerospace and Defense 32.36 -1.85%
TSU Stock Forecast TSU NYSE TIM Participacoes SA (ADR) Services Communications Services 7.51 -1.83%
MKTO Stock Forecast MKTO 16.16 -1.82%
RUTH Stock Forecast RUTH NASDAQ Ruths Hospitality Group, Inc Services Restaurants 15.41 -1.66%
WEN Stock Forecast WEN NYSE Wendys Arbys Group Inc Services Restaurants 10.15 -1.65%
LPLA Stock Forecast LPLA NASDAQ LPL Investment Holdings Inc. Financial Investment Services 27.49 -1.65%
NR Stock Forecast NR NYSE Newpark Resources, Inc Energy Oil Well Services and Equipment 4.50 -1.53%
ISBC Stock Forecast ISBC NASDAQ Investors Bancorp, Inc Financial Regional Banks 11.31 -1.48%
MRKT Stock Forecast MRKT 27.48 -1.47%
SCI Stock Forecast SCI NYSE Service Corporation International Services Personal Services 22.29 -1.42%
GPK Stock Forecast GPK NYSE Graphic Packaging Holding Company Basic Materials Containers and Packaging 11.15 -1.33%
KS Stock Forecast KS NYSE KapStone Paper and Packaging Corp. Basic Materials Paper and Paper Products 14.43 -1.30%
KOPN Stock Forecast KOPN NASDAQ Kopin Corporation Technology Semiconductors 1.76 -1.12%
BHE Stock Forecast BHE NYSE Benchmark Electronics, Inc Technology Semiconductors 20.50 -1.11%
KFRC Stock Forecast KFRC NASDAQ Kforce Inc Services Business Services 19.77 -0.40%
FLO Stock Forecast FLO NYSE Flowers Foods, Inc Consumer/Non-Cyclical Food Processing 20.06 -0.40%
QDEL Stock Forecast QDEL NASDAQ Quidel Corporation Healthcare Medical Equipment and Supplies 16.34 -0.37%

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