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Bull Stocks 11/30/2015

Analysis Symbol Exchange Company Sector Industry Current Price % Change
RPRXZ Stock Forecast RPRXZ 14.93 95.67%
HART Stock Forecast HART 3.25 47.73%
CNIT Stock Forecast CNIT NASDAQ China Information Technology, Inc. Technology Software and Programming 1.41 38.24%
MOLG Stock Forecast MOLG 0.84 19.29%
SYRX Stock Forecast SYRX 0.86 14.00%
PLM Stock Forecast PLM AMEX PolyMet Mining Corp Basic Materials Metal Mining 0.95 9.20%
INTX Stock Forecast INTX NASDAQ Intersections Inc Technology Computer Services 2.80 6.06%
SHIP Stock Forecast SHIP NASDAQ Seanergy Maritime Holdings Corp Transportation Water Transportation 0.70 4.48%
NVIV Stock Forecast NVIV 9.65 4.10%
NM-G Stock Forecast NM-G 13.20 2.96%
LEE Stock Forecast LEE NYSE Lee Enterprises, Incorporated Services Printing and Publishing 1.77 2.31%
AAMC Stock Forecast AAMC 16.96 2.11%
RNO Stock Forecast RNO NYSE Rhino Resource Partners LP Common Units representing limited partnership interests 0.55 1.85%
PLAB Stock Forecast PLAB NASDAQ Photronics, Inc Technology Semiconductors 10.97 1.76%
AMID Stock Forecast AMID 10.20 1.69%
HOV Stock Forecast HOV NYSE Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc Capital Goods Construction Services 1.83 1.67%
SIEN Stock Forecast SIEN 4.84 1.26%
PNM Stock Forecast PNM NYSE PNM Resources, Inc Utilities Electric Utilities 29.00 1.15%
HPJ Stock Forecast HPJ AMEX Hong Kong Highpower Technology, Inc Consumer Cyclical Appliance and Tool 2.91 1.04%
RUSS Stock Forecast RUSS 29.77 0.92%
SJR Stock Forecast SJR NYSE Shaw Communications Inc Services Broadcasting and Cable TV 20.74 0.78%
YGE Stock Forecast YGE NYSE Yingli Green Energy Hold Technology Semiconductors 0.66 0.77%
CPLP Stock Forecast CPLP NASDAQ Capital Product Partners L Transportation Water Transportation 6.30 0.64%
HE Stock Forecast HE NYSE Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc Utilities Electric Utilities 28.58 0.63%
DHRM Stock Forecast DHRM NASDAQ Dehaier Medical Systems Ltd Healthcare Medical Equipment and Supplies 1.70 0.59%
EDE Stock Forecast EDE NYSE The Empire District Electric Company Utilities Electric Utilities 22.77 0.57%
BOX Stock Forecast BOX NYSE seacube container leasing ltd Services Rental and Leasing 14.00 0.21%

Bear Stocks 11/30/2015

Analysis Symbol Exchange Company Sector Industry Current Price % Change
ARO Stock Forecast ARO NYSE Aeropostale, Inc Services Retail (Apparel) 0.54 -14.29%
ZUMZ Stock Forecast ZUMZ NASDAQ Zumiez Inc Services Retail (Apparel) 15.09 -9.10%
EXPR Stock Forecast EXPR NYSE Express, Inc. Services Retail (Apparel) 16.74 -5.48%
URBN Stock Forecast URBN NASDAQ Urban Outfitters, Inc Services Retail (Apparel) 22.40 -5.29%
AEO Stock Forecast AEO NYSE American Eagle Outfitters Services Retail (Apparel) 15.57 -5.06%
FIVE Stock Forecast FIVE 28.01 -3.31%
GPS Stock Forecast GPS NYSE The Gap Inc Services Retail (Apparel) 26.72 -2.34%
BV Stock Forecast BV 4.63 -2.11%
AXTI Stock Forecast AXTI NASDAQ AXT, Inc Technology Semiconductors 2.40 -0.83%
SOL Stock Forecast SOL NYSE ReneSola Ltd Technology Semiconductors 1.29 -0.77%
EXG Stock Forecast EXG NYSE Eaton Vance Tax-Managed Global Dive Eq Financial Misc. Financial Services 9.01 -0.66%
PSTG Stock Forecast PSTG 12.91 -0.39%

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